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Nuclear Medicine - Non-Imaging

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The Non-Imaging Nuclear Medicine service performs diagnostic Nuclear Medicine investigations using radiopharmaceuticals. These diagnostic tests are either in-vitro (blood or urine sampling required to assess physiological parameters) or in-vivo (count-rate measurements taken using a gamma probe or gamma camera).

The most common test is for kidney function, the Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) test, where a small amount of radiopharmaceutical is given to you as an injection. Blood samples are then collected.

The amount of radiation in the samples is counted and the results are put into a graph. The graphs are then used to determine whether the samples are within normal limits.

Gwybodaeth i Gleifion & Lawrlwythiadau

Beth yw prawf Swyddogaeth yr Arennau (GFR)? W.NM.PL.210r3_CYM

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What is a Kidney Function (GFR) test? W.NM.PL.210r5